Best Quest Industries Limited is promoted by Best Quest Group which has diversified interests in kraft Paper, Chemicals, and other transport business. The Company has the state of the art production facilities for manufacture of Kraft paper up-to 100 MT per day. The finished products are primarily Kraft-Paper of various specifications like 50 to 180 GSM, 16 to32 BF & 18 to 28 BF. The range of production is varied according to various ‘Burst-Factors’ which includes tear-strength and capacity. The products primarily find their use in making of Cartons which in turn are used as packaging material.We are based in Vapi, Gujarat, India and we are one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of Kraft paper and Starch in India.We come with a combined experience of over 18 years in the industry. We take pride in being one of the fastest growing companies in this segment.

We promise our customers the best quality products and the cheapest prices. We never compromise on the quality at any stage.

Introduction About Company

To attain customer loyalty by providing the highest standards of quality products suitable for various business segments and for all age groups across India and the world. To focus on innovative production processes through constant research and development as well as to use a raw material and technology that is environment friendly and that further caters to the interests of the future generations.

Our Vision is to create value and usefulness for society and establish ourselves as the manufacturer of quality products through the active exploration of new product developments.

The group had come in inception 18 year ago, and Mr. Abdul MajidHasmani has started the trade business in the line of Waste Paper, Chemicals, and other transport business. They have served various Industries of paper products and chemical industries for their logistic services.

Mr. Amjad had taken over the responsibilities of the business and infuses energy and strategic management planning to boost the business diversification and profitability within the industry segments. He further incorporated M/s Best Quest Traders as proprietorship concern in year 1999 and started trading in waste paper and chemicals mostly used in paper and pulp industries. They have performed tremendously in paper industry and delivered high class chemicals to boost the production efficiency of papermills. There after Mr. Majid ji and Amjad ji incorporated a partnership firm in the name and style of M/S BEST QUEST INDUSTRIES and set up manufacturing facilities for STARCH (Modified and Oxidized) useable in paper industries for quality paper textures and smoothness of surface with strengthen the bonding of paper fibers. BQI had delivered best quality product to the industry and named the brand – Best –Ex (Starch).

Group had carried out a research on Paper and Pulp Industries, and workout a proper Techno-Economic Viability studies and started erection of 50 TPD kraft paper manufacturing plant at site, the manufacturing facility of kraft paper came in shape in Dec, 17 and increasing sales volume of kraft paper promoting us for various segmentation of kraft paper and enhancement of production facility, and promoters of the company had enhanced production capacity of the unit up to 100 TPD with technological upgradation to manufacture Higher BF with Lower GSM combination kraft paper widely used in paper beg industry and highly export oriented commodity in paper industry segment.

The Firm, Best Quest Industries, had applied for conversion its identity from partnership firm to Public Limited Company, and reserved the name BEST QUEST INDUSTRIES LIMITED, and we have submitted all requisite formalities under companies act, 2013 for registration of enterprise as a Public Limited company.

Snapshot of Growth

Best Quest Industries, a partnership firm, incorporated in year 2011 by Mr. Abdul MajidHasmani and Mr. AmjadHasmani, having registered office at Office no-31, Sahara Market, VapiSilvassa Road, Imran Nagar vapi.

BQI was formed with the object to trade, manufacture the modified starch and other chemicals.

BQI is in manufacturing of modified starch and large group of consumer are Vapi based paper mills.

In 2016-17 they had started erection of 50 TPD paper mill at Vapi and started commercial production by 12th December, 2017, and within a span of 2 months they received highest side of orders and delivered high quality product to packaging industries of Maharashtra, Daman, Gujarat and other industries across the country. And BQI has increased the capacity from 50 to 80 TPD.

BQI has installed Kraft manufacturing facilities at Survey No- 263, Custom Road, Balitha, Vapi in FY-2017-18.

BQI Paper division has production capacity of 100 TPD

BQI Paper divisions has quality variant in GSM specialty, especially manufacturing lower GSM kraft paper, highly demanded in international market, and have good export avenues.

BQI Paper Mill is only paper mills in vapi producing lower GST kraft paper, widely useable in packaging and paper begs industries.

BQI promoters have strong knowledge and expertise in paper products.

BQI have experienced and qualified technical staff for improving quality and production day by day.


We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Starch, which is widely used in the applications of paper industry, food industry and various others. Formulated from the superior quality Starch in our well-equipped unit, this starch has a huge demand among our clients spread in India as well as abroad.


1. Kraft paper is primarily used by corrugators for making Corrugated Boxes, which forms a part of the huge Packaging Industry of India. Corrugated Boxes are used for Final Packaging of many Industrial and Consumer Products. The main parameters are BF (the burst factor) and GSM (Grammage per square meter).

2. Products shall be primarily consumed by Packing and Corrugation Industry as raw material

3. Kraft paper is used for electrical insulation in large oil filled transformers.

4. Kraft papers are used in paper grocery bags, multi wall sacks, envelopes and other packaging.

5. The base paper for sandpaper is normally kraft paper.

6. Kraft paper is an inexpensive material for lining particle boards.


Paper Sacks

The modern paper sacks meet the high performance standards of the cement industry, specifically focusing on the most important decision-making factors identified by the study, namely: filling speed, pack cost, strength, moisture protection, dust-free packaging and damage rates.

High-speed filling

Thanks to the natural characteristics of sack kraft paper as filter material, paper sacks can be filled at very high speeds. The porosity of sack kraft paper enables rapid and problem-free venting during the filling process without requiring complex and cost-intensive air extraction systems.

Low packing costs

The high filling speed is a considerable advantage in terms of efficiency. It results in smoother and quicker processes as well as lower packing costs, as more cement sacks are produced per time unit. Due to a combination of lower capital and lower operational costs, as well as higher production efficiencies, paper sacks are the most cost-effective solution when compared to alternative packaging solutions.


Sack kraft paper is made from 100% virgin fibres. It gives paper sacks a unique strength, allowing optimisation of the packaging weight while still maintaining stability under a broad variety of conditions.


As a result of the development of high-porosity sack kraft paper, fillers have an alternative to the previously used perforated paper sacks. These sacks have been a major source of dust in the supply chain. Together with the enhancement of the valve technology, the paper sack industry is able to provide dust-tight sack packaging.

Moisture protection

In terms of moisture protection, paper sacks offer reliable solutions suiting the industry‘s needs. In many supply chains a wrapped pallet with standard sacks constructed with two-ply-layer sack kraft paper is an adequate and cost effective solution. In other supply chains where sacks will be exposed to humid conditions, a two-ply-layer paper construction with an intermediate PE-film will prevent moisture ingress.

Low damage rates

Other important factors that influence the fillers decision of packaging system are pack damage and product wastage. The level of damage to paper sacks does not exceed one to two percent.

Corrugated Box – Probable markets for corrugated box industry:

  • a. Increasing demand and high volumes will trigger consolidation and setting up of large automatic plants
  • b. Inline Automatic Board and Box making plants will ease out the present semi-automatic production processes.
  • c. Deployment of Folder Gluers, Rotary Die-cutters will be on the increase.
  • d. Use of corrugated for display/promotional packs, POPs and dispensers.
  • e. Advances in multicolour, flexo printing will facilitate in-house flexo printing and do away with screen printing, contract printing on offset presses.
  • f. The emergence of e-commerce, reverse bidding, concept of First Pak will give large scale units the advantage of competitiveness and the concept of locating corrugated box units nearer to user locations will become obsolete.
  • g. Large Corporates and Bulk users of corrugated boxes looking for single/multiple alternative vendors – capable of meeting stringent specifications, offering alternative designs, test-in-time deliveries at optimum.

• Higher side demand of Kraft Paper

• Banning Plastic products attracting kraft paper commodities, and robust demand of kraft papers estimated.

• Easily available experts of technologies and production management.

• China banned paper manufacturing and its pulled exports of kraft from India.

• Easily available Indian Raw Material.

• Reduced pricing of Imported waste (UAE, UK and USA)

• Production facility of BQI is equipped for lower GSM paper, and no one unit producing the same, and the said products are high in demand at International Market, as well as in Indian paper beg and packaging industry.

• Our range of Industrial Papers is in great demand in the global market.

• These are widely used in various sectors, owing to their following significant features:

  • Excellent finish
  • High adhesion strength
  • Smooth surface
  • Optimum quality