Management Team:

Knowing the fact that team is an indispensable part of an organization thus, we have employed experienced and qualified professionals, who enable us to carry out all our business operations with proficiency. Our professionals have years of experience and thorough knowledge in their respective domain that helps in completing the task assigned to them with ease. They work with a clear objective of taking our organization to new heights of success through manufacturing optimum range of products.

Board of Directors

Mr. AmjadHasmani, is a commerce graduate with experience of 15 year in paper and pulp industry, and holding designation of Managing Director of the company with office of Chief Executive Officeras Key Managerial Person of the company.

He has varied knowledge of paper technologies, and looking entire production and planning of the enterprise.

He has strong knowledge of finance and fund management of company to operate working capital cycle of the business at optimum level.

He is looking entire public relation, Legal, Financial, Operations, and customer orders to provide best services on behalf of the company and keep business of the enterprise as compliance savvy.


Mr. MajidJi holding office of Whole time director of the company

He is senior managerial personal of the group and looking all affairs of administration and collection of sales receipts.

He has strong knowledge of paper industry and looking various issues of quality and regularly handling matters of customers.

He is looking starch production and marketing especially.

MrsAshiya, is Management graduate and appointed as Women director of the company, and holding office of Board of Directors, she is looking administration and Human Resource Management of the group, to manage optimum level of human asset for proper execution of operations, and she is acting as group HR advisor within the board of the company and also member of NOMINATION AND REMUNERATION COMMITTEE of the company.

Mr. Kishore Bhai has experience of 20 Year in the field of Accounts, Audit, and Taxation, he has expertise in financial planning and assessment of project planning, he is appointed as Independent Director of the company with object to render sound advice in the matter of financial activities, Compliance management and various assurance & assessment matters.He is appointed as Chairperson of Nomination And Remuneration Committee and Stakeholders Relationship Committee and member of Audit Committee of the Company.

Mr.Chirag is Fellow Member of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, and is appointed as Independent Director to look Audit matters of the Company and he has strong experience of Auditing, Income Tax, Compliance Management, and Business Management.

He is elected as Chairperson of Audit Committee and Member of Nomination And Remuneration Committee and Stakeholders Relationship Committee of the Company.

Key Managerial Person

Mr. Amjad, is holding office of Managing Director of the Company and also acting as Key Managerial Person in term of Companies Act, 2013, and Chief Executive Officer of the Company, He is looking entire operations management, Company management, Compliance Management, and also dealing with clients and various departments on behalf of the company.

Mr. Ashfaque is a Management graduate with experience of 5 Year in Finance and Accounts and holding chair of Chief Finance Officer of the Company, and looking all affairs of Commercial Activities and Financials of the Company.